Meet our January/February Cover Feature, Actor Lou Pimber

Meet our January/February Cover Feature, Actor Lou Pimber

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Written by Evan Hoffman


It is an inspiring site to see, when a group of at risk children are hushed and silent, focusing all attention on a speaker in the front of the room who is encouraging them to take charge of their own destiny. Lou Pimber, a Tucson actor, role model, family man, former army combat medic, military policeman, and current public speaker, has grown accustomed to inspiring local youths. He has made these motivational speeches through organizations such as JTED, Upward Bound, Boys and Girls Club, and Falu Academy.

“We have to be active participants in our own rescue”, he exclaims, and the children listen. They listen partially because they understand that Pimber is a successful actor, but they also listen because they know that he himself has been tested by fire, and prevailed.

Pimber likes to hook his audience in by describing his acting experience. The performer has a lengthy resume full of commercials, print ads, billboard ads, television shows, and films. In 2011, he was featured in two western thrillers, Renegade, and The Gundown. In 2012, he performed in Wayward Pilgrim, a dramatic epic about a man trying to survive in the rustic American backdrop of Montana. In addition to these successful feature length films, Pimber has also been on set with Hollywood A-listers, Brian Cranston, and Aaron Paul in the hit series, Breaking Bad. On the show, the Tucson talent played a reoccurring role as a member of a drug cartel.

Despite his glamorous feature films and iconic television shows, the production that Pimber holds in highest regard is the 2010 short film, DURESS. The film gives an accurate account of law enforcement, and is even inspired by Pimber’s own experiences when working as an undercover agent for Tucson’s gang and drug task forces. DURESS is the brainchild of the entertainer, as he was responsible for writing the concept, assisting with directing responsibilities, and acting in the film. It is also the perfect way for Pimber’s motivational speeches to transition into what truly makes him the inspiration he is today: his triumph over tribulation.

As an undercover member of gang and drug task forces here in Tucson, Pimber was violently assaulted by fellow officers. The injuries left the officer with a traumatic brain injury. As a result, the Tucson man was forced to retire from law enforcement, and began to suffer from symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Indeed, Pimber was at his lowest point and had nowhere to turn. Life had knocked him to the curb, but he would not accept defeat. As he explains to his audiences, “we cannot let an unfortunate event in our past determine our future”.

Pimber believes that acting and confidence can be the key to overcoming life’s obstacles. It has surely worked for him, and he encourages young people to break out of their comfort zone and turn to the arts. Pimber has helped children conquer their own struggles by urging them to find confidence in something productive. Recently, for example, the role model encouraged a small boy who was being bullied by larger children. Pimber suggested the boy become involved in theater or acting, and once the child took Pimber’s advice, his confidence began to soar.

Opportunities such as these are the reason Pimber has teamed up with Rhonda Moretti and Bellezza Models. Their philosophy is that a multitude of trials that children face can be aided by instilling confidence in our youth. This is why Pimber and Moretti have been hosting commercial acting and modeling classes for young people.

Not only has acting been a powerful method for Pimber to improve the community, but the performer also believes it has made him a better single father. Acting has become a family affair as his son, MarcAnthony Pimber, and his daughter, Nicolle Pimber have shown vast interest in the entertainment profession. “Some families play baseball or softball, we act”, Pimber says.

As a father who has prior experience with acting, Pimber is able to coach his children, and to teach them about the importance of patience, discipline, and accountability when pursuing a profession in the entertainment field. The local role model has also had the opportunity to work alongside his children. In addition to her featured role in a Peter Piper Pizza commercial, Nicolle Pimber has also appeared in DURESS with her father. MarcAnthony has shared common camera time with his father in DURESS, Renegade, The Gundown, Wayward Pilgrim, and an up and coming sci-fi film, The Feed. In the process, both children have grown to look at their father as their hero. And why shouldn’t they? He has become a model community member and successful performer by finding his inner strength.

Pimber has accomplished much in his lifetime, but he is nowhere near being finished. The entertainer plans to continue acting. This year he has worked on the short film, The Private War, which also stars his son. The Private War is another production that is close to Pimber’s heart because he plays a soldier struggling with the effects of PTSD and being tormented by his own thoughts and memories. Pimber took on the role with immense passion, immersing himself in the character and bringing him to life in an almost therapeutic manner.

For Pimber, even more important than continuing to flourish as an actor is his future plans of continuing to impact his community. Being a positive influence to young people and a productive member of society are at the top of his priorities. Yes, Pimber is a man with an interesting and glamorous job as an actor, but it is not his occupation that makes him a hero. Instead, it is his resolve to overcome obstacles, and his incredible ability to help others to do the same.

Lou Pimber frequently updates his media outlets in order to stay close to fans. For more information, please visit facebook.com/LouPimberActorOfficial.

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